Laminated brows that last 8 weeks with 1 easy application

At-Home Brow
Lamination Kit

6 Treatments

2x longer results formula

Vanlig pris 570,00 kr
Vanlig pris Salgspris 570,00 kr

£94.99 per treatment


Up to 8 weeks of salon-quality results

£8 with us vs £80 at the salon

Works on all brow & lash types

As easy as applying brow gel or mascara

Buttery soft, no damage formula

One kit lasts up to 1 year

Say goodbye to pricey salon brow lamination

Achieve perfectly shaped, natural-looking, full & fluffy laminated brows for 8 weeks in the comfort of your own home at just a fraction of the salon price.

£8 with us vs £80 at the salon

Works on all brow types

As easy as applying brow gel

How long do results last?

With our soft, but super effective formula the results last up to 8 full weeks!

We've even won the Independent Best Buy award for #1 Brow Lamination Kit in 2022 & 2023.

Our kits results last on average twice as long as other DIY kits!

How are you different from other kits?

What do I get when I order today?

When you order the Sassy Saints Brow Lamination Kit you get everything you need for 6 treatments.

1. The most aesthetically pleasing Sassy Saints Box (obviously)

2. The 5 bottles to do the treatment 

1. Stick it 

2. Shape it 

3. Fix it 

4. Clean it 

5. Boost it

3. Toolbox with all the tools you need for 6 treatments 

  • 18x Mascara Wand 
  • 18x Lipgloss Wand 
  • 15x Cotton Wand 
  • 8x Cotton Wand 
  • 1x Plastic Film

4. Sassy Saints Newspaper with sassy horoscopes, Amber Davies who spills the tea, the best places to go out in the UK & much more!

5. Our beginner friendly video instruction guide that will help you through the process step-by-step.

6.A £30 mystery gift

Does this work on thin brows?

Brow lamination works BEST on ladies with thin brows.

It sets the brows in an upward position making your brows optically much fuller!

Take a look at just some examples below.

See how the brows become optically fuller by just brushing your brows in a slightly more vertical position.

I'm scared I can't do this myself

It's a super easy 3 step process literally anyone can do, but don't take our word for it!

Here's what our customers say:



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