Brings the salon home

Bff’s on a mission

Bff’s on a mission

We are Rose & Roza - dynamic duo, besties, and founders of Sassy Saints.

We both adore the salon life, but let's be real, who has the time and cash to make that a regular thing?

Not us, honey! That's why we birthed Sassy Saints, the ultimate solution to all your glam needs, no matter how much cash or time you have.

Our DIY kits are pure magic - they're affordable, time-saving, and so much fun, bringing the salon experience right to your doorstep.

The problem

The problem

The salon experience has become a rare gem, only accessible to those with bottomless pockets and unlimited schedules.

We searched for an at-home alternative...

But most DIY brands

Don’t have clear instructions

Don’t have support from technicians

Don’t have money back guarantee

Use harsh cheap ingredients

Are bad for environment

Only have a single salon line

Cheap unattractive packaging

There is no trusted brand that offers all salon treatments in easy to use DIY kits at a fair price.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Our one-stop-shop has everything you need to slay with affordable DIY salon treatments that give you the same stunning results as the pros. The power to glow is in your hands, babe.

All our DIY kits come with:

Easy video instructions

3 Treatments Risk-Free Trial

Salon technician video support

Soft ingredients, safe for at-home use

Environmentally friendly

Beautiful aesthetic packaging

To date we’ve helped women save

on the salon
180.000 Hours
on the salon

Our(upcoming) products

Our(upcoming) products

Our first DIY At-Home Salon Treatment is the DIY Brow Lamimation Kit which gives you full & fluffy laminated brows at 10% of the salon price.

per treatment
20 mins
shop diy brow lamination kit
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Coming soon

Eyebrow Salon Treatments

Eyelash Salon Treatments

Face Salon Treatments

Hair Salon Treatments

Nail Salon Treatments

Body Salon Treatments

& More At-Home Treatments

Much Love


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