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FREE Brow Lamination Kit

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Omg ! I’m converted ! 5⭐️

I was sceptical. Didn’t even think it was going to be possible to create a salon finish at home.
How wrong I was.
The finish, a little rough on the first attempt, much better on the 2nd, was still really impressive.
Had so many compliments and referrals already made.
Love the colours too.
Brow lamination was simple and really, really good too.
Haven’t done the lash lift yet but can’t wait to try.
Most value for money I’ve had in years !
Thanks 🙏 x

Product doesn’t work for me.

Would not recommend to anyone with brittle or soft nails. Mine crack after a few days.


After following the tutorials multiple times, applying the powder on my nails based on the recommended number of times, my nails felt extremely heavy. When it came to remove the powder from the nails after application and with some weeks passing it was incredibly hard to dissolve and took some time.

FREE - Nail Remover
Karen Chiffers

Really easy to follow instructions and great results - even on first go. Would def recommend

Great product and colours

Have now tried two different colours. I found the glitter one harder to use, but this was also my first attempt. Iv now got the lilac on and I'm in love. Took me about an hour to do both times. I had a few chips after 2 weeks, but nothing that was overly noticeable and after 2 weeks, I did expect them

Lasted over 2 weeks

First time I have used it but the colour lasted over two weeks

Didn't work

Customer service was from a script, didn't seem to really care

Poor quality, nothing was as described on the advertisement

First of all, the powders were opened and I believe they’ve been used before. It’s not practical, it makes the nail way too thick, even though I didn’t apply 4 layers as they suggested. They made my nails so bad when I removed them. I wish I never bought these.

Lovely manicure but removal is hard

I did love my manicure after I got the hang of it. It lasted two weeks without chipping or lifting. I found it less good after I tried to remove it. I had no access to rice or a microwave as the instructions said. The amount of remover supplied was very small. I did soak my nails in acetone but I had to go to a salon for removal. My nails are now very weak as a result and have all snapped off, I'll need to wait for them to grow again before I consider applying it again.

French Flair Dipping Powder

Game changer

Incredibly easy to apply. Love the result. Very durable. No chips or peeling. Easy to remove, simply follow online instructions. Great value for money. I will never step foot in a nail bar ever again.

A great colour goes with everything 😊

Best powders I’ve tried. So easy to use I have saved a fortune on manicures. Buying the kit was great savings In about to order for the second time 🥰

Classy & easy to use

Great tutorial to take you through each step as a new user. Lovely choice of colours and easy to use. Lasts 2-3 weeks which is great as then you can choose another great colour.

Amazing results would highly recommend

Amazing results! I was sceptical at first and am very critical of new nail fads but this really works! The time it takes is well worth the effort! Will definitely be buying more colours!

Fabulous product like no other I’ve tried.

Great experience. My nails are the strongest there been in a long time. The process is easy when you get the hang of it. Instructions make it simple. I have recommended to many people and I’m slightly obsessed with it.

Beautiful colour

Beautiful colour. Very fine so I wouldn't recommend the apex method. Slightly paler than the picture. Pictured with sparkling queen :)

Complete user friendly all in one nail kit.

There is definitely a learning curve (but it is quick). Time consumption gets exponentially better with each application. Purchase a glass cuticle pusher. It is critical for prep. The apex technique is also a game changer for a more natural emergence profile. I have no desire to get my nails professionally done after experiencing the immediate dry time compounded with the ease of application. Thank you.

Long lasting beautiful nails

I used to go to a nail salon paying £35-£40 each time and im so glad I found this! This is my second set and I tried using 2 colours and I'm really happy with how long they last and how they look!

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Cara Jane Blair

Very easy to follow and great results overall. I would and have recommended it to others. My only change would be the removal process - using rice is a waste of food, a waste that some can not afford. An alternative way to remove would be better.

The application is easy especially when following the instructions, but the removal process takes...

I did enjoy the final look of my nails and I would recommend to friends

The finished result from using this kit fully exceeded my expectations!

I’ve never had my nails done professionally so I used to constantly go through the cycle of painting my nails and then a few days later some start to peel, I start biting my nails and eventually peel them all off when they look rough and don’t last. I saw Sadsy saints advertised a lot online and finally caved to see if it was worth the hype. The first time doing my nails with the kit took a little over 2 hrs but the result was excellent. Appreciated the video instructions and the second time was around 1hr 45 so am hoping to get quicker and quicker the more I do. The colours are great, shinyness stays the whole time, no chipping or cracking- it just grows as your nails grow so after 2 weeks your cuticle grows and 1 may start to lift off as is expected. The process is fairly fiddly and complicated to get 100% right but with time and patience the end result is excellent. Love that you don’t use UV light and it’s stopped me biting my nails which is ideal!

Shimmering Siren

Lovely pale pink colour with subtle shimmering gold glitter

Foggy flickerer

This colour is so gorgeous! Really glittery and full coverage! Feel like the glitter ones last longer.

Value for money

Is not easy, but practice makes it better and better. Yes, I would

Nail colouts

Not tried all of the colours but the one I have tried is lovely. It was the pumpkin orange and is perfect for spring/summer ,bright and cheerful.