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FREE Brow Lamination Kit

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Based on 774 reviews
Wouldn’t buy again

The kit is quite messy . Cracks easily . Had to re do it 3 times in one week. They aren’t as strong as salon nails. The remove it brushes got stuck in the pot so unable to use it . They take a long time to finish as it takes a lot of filing and drying. Just quite fiddly and not fun to do. Rather just get them done in a salon instead and I normally quite enjoy doing my own treatments at home, you can’t really customise them other than the 3 single colours you pick unless you buy separate pots of different colours

WOW! What a difference to my lashes

I was disappointed with the £20 free gift to find out it was a 7 page pdf beauty leaflet....

However the product is amazing.

It's made a huge difference to my lashes and far cheaper and easier than false ones but stand out just like them.

I'd certainly recommend to my friends and will be continuing to use this the lash lift kit.

Right eye in picture is before, the left one after

Definitely worth the money! Brilliant and easy to use

Definitely recommend! The products you buy are definitely worth the money you spend, instructions are easy to follow and the packaging it comes in is cute af!

Game changer, never going back to gel & UV

I am what I would consider extremely bad at painting my nails but UV has done so much damage I needed to give it a break and normal nail varnish does not work for me, my nails are too weak and it just chips within a day or two. So I was sceptical about my ability but it was so easy to use, the videos are great, they helpfully tell you where to pause. It took longer but I was absolutely over the moon with the results, it's lasted 3 weeks without any chips and also came off so much easier than gel so much kinder to my poor suffering nails. The presentation pack was gorgeous too and excellent value with the special starter kit offer I had. Can't fault it !

At-Home Lash Lift Kit
Stephanie Roberts
Best lash lift kit I’ve used

Absolutely obsessed. Easy to follow, clear instructions. I’ve used other kits before but this kit has given me the best results…by far!! Love love love


I couldn’t believe how easy the laminating kit was to use! It is really well explained in the tutorial video and you can’t go wrong. The end result is amazing and I have received so many compliments on my brows!

Take a bow Sassy Saints!

Oh my god!! What an absolutely fantastic kit this is!!! I can’t get over it!! Literally! Best money I’ve ever spent. So easy to do and honest to god salon worthy nails even on my first attempt. I’ve been raving about this kit to anybody that will listen! You’ve found a forever customer in me!!! Xx

Easy to use and amazing results

The kit came in a beautiful box with everything clearly labelled.

Instructions were easy to follow and super clear.

So please with the results for my first go. I now need more colours!

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Nicola Forrester
Simply fabulous!

Such a great product! It’s so easy to get salon type nails at home using this pack. I’m into my second week and still no chipping. A friend also asked me where I get my nails done!

Cobalt blue dipping powder - beautiful colour but needs layers!

Beautiful colour and easy product again. I did notice that with such a bright colour it remained see through until i completed 4 coats. It was also more obvious where it got into my cuticles but that probably just technique!

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Samantha Griffin
Works as a good alternative to Lamp curing nails but the smell of the base coat is horrendous.

I thought i'd try this a an alternative to gel nails as i'd started getting allergic reaction to the lamp. Overall its a good alternative to Lamp curing nails but the smell of the base coat is horrendous, honestly so strong and chemical smelling and you have to use 3 coats of it on each nail. Haven't tried taking it off yet so we'll see what that's like. i chose a lovely grey color and wasn't sure it would result in the colour i wanted but once the second layer of activator went on the colour was lovely. Bit of advice to anyone giving it a go, 3x's base and dip per finger, one coat activator - file if needed, another coat activator then 2 coats of top coat. the brush will go hard halfway through but after dipping in the clean it solution it goes soft again and you can use the spare brushes in-between. A bit more 'faffy' than gel nails but the nails appear strong and the colour vibrant. Can;t comment on how long they'll last but i'm on day three and apart from a few scuffs on the top shiny layer they're fine.

It actually works!

Avid BIAB gal, spending £40 every month. Also a personal trainer, so lifting things all day everyday, my fingers get so much work. Decided to give Biab a rest and cut my nails down to start fresh with this. It’s so easy to apply, looks good, seems to last? Haven’t given it more than a week yet. But yeh, amazing. Minds blown a bit. Hoping they don’t invent dip powder for exercise, else I’m jobless…

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Christine Weaver
! Great result!

Took a while to do but no longer than going to the salon. I used this 5 days ago and nails look good- hope it lasts. So far I would definitely recommend!

Constructive Feedback and tips for first time users

1. As a first time user or someone who doesn't do nails at home very often I suggest dipping in the nail twice rather than 3 times, to make it easier to file down the shape and also remove more easily. Especially when working with your non-dominant hand.
2. It does take time as you're doing it one nail at a time which could get better with practice but I also had the luxury to be doing them at home while watching my favourite show in my pjs!
3. Removal is easier if it's a thin layer, especially for the first time so that you can get the hang of things. Use Acetone on a cotton ball to wipe residuals.

Packaging is really nice, tools are very sturdy and the colours are beautiful.

I personally had issues with removing it as I put too much dipping powder and couldn't file it down well but the team contacted me right away and were so helpful and kind.


Love this kit! Lasts longer than gel, my nails feel super strong and it wasn't as messy as I thought it was going to be. The video instructions were super easy to follow too.

Chipped and horrible fumes

Within a week my nails have chipped on 4 nails. When applying the base and powder the fumes are absolutely horrendous! It puts me off of using the kit again. I’ll assume user error for the chipping but the toxic, smelly, chemical fumes need to be improved

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Iulia-Maria Baciu

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit

So well worth every penny

Absolutely the most easy way to do nails. Firstly the packaging is just beautiful; the video instructions so easy to follow; and the process quick and easy. My nails look fabulous. Recommended it to all my friends who cannot believe this was done at home. Just stunning. Can’t wait to order more colours.

Brow & Lash Lift Bundle
Trinity Jackson
Unfortunately the brow lamination did not work for me

My orders were supposed to come with free gifts but neither did unfortunately

Loving it!!

I just tried it and so far so good! I feel very classy with it. I also combined it with Golden girl and the results are amazing!

Nail & Lash Bundle
Daniela Waters
Amazing kits! Will definitely keep buying

I have already tried both kits and they are both amazing! Super easy to follow and fabulous results

Item not received

Still pending status update on where my order is, cannot comment on product until I have received it.


I’ll be honest, I was doubtful this kit would work but oh my god!!! It’s amazing! Literally looks as though you have extensions without the pain and time of having them 😂 absolutely love this kit and looking at buying the nail one now too!

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Elena Televantou
Who needs a nail technician anymore! Not me.

Brilliant, nails are looking great and they’re a week old.


My nail tech has recently given up her job and I didn’t have time to look for someone else so I decided to see if I could do my nails myself. I’ve been having nails done for a long time and I’m particular. I’m pretty blown away by how good this system is! Looking forward to trying more colours!