Curled, long, full lashes for 8 weeks with 1 easy application

Lash lift kit

6 Treatments

2x longer results formula

Normale prijs £48
Normale prijs £80 Aanbiedingsprijs £48

£7.99 per treatment

Up to 8 weeks of salon-quality results

£8 with us vs £80 at the salon

Works on all lash types & lenghts

As easy as applying mascara

Water & Mascara Friendly

One kit lasts up to 1 year

Say goodbye to messy mascaras, tricky lash curlers & expensive salon lash lifts

Achieve full, long & curly lashes that last for 8 weeks in the comfort of your own home at just a fraction of the salon price.

£8 with us vs £80 at the salon

Works on all lash types

As easy as applying mascara

How long do results last?

With our soft, but super effective formula the results last up to 8 full weeks!

We've even won the Independent Best Buy award for #1 Brow Lamination Kit in 2022 & 2023.

Our kits results last on average twice as long as other DIY kits!

How are you different from other kits?

What do I get when I order today?

When you order the Sassy Saints Lash Lift Kit you get everything you need for 6 treatments.

1. The Sassy Saints Box (obviously)

2. The 5 bottles to do the treatment 

1. Stick it 

2. Shape it 

3. Fix it 

4. Clean it 

5. Boost it

3. Toolbox with all the tools you need for 6 treatments 

  • 30x Lipgloss Wand
  • 10x Mascara Wand
  • 10x Lift Pads
  • 2x Y-Brushes
  • 1x Sticky Tape
  • 1x Plastic Film

4. Sassy Saints Newspaper with sassy horoscopes, Amber Davies who spills the tea, the best places to go out in the UK & much more!

5. Our beginner friendly video instruction guide that will help you through the process step-by-step.

6.A £30 mystery gift

Does this work on short & straight lashes?

Lash lifts works BEST on ladies with shorrt & staight lashes.

It sets the lashes in an upward position making your lashes optically much longer & curlier!

Take a look at just some examples below.

I'm scared I can't do this myself

It's a super easy 3 step process literally anyone can do, but don't take our word for it!

Here's what our customers say:



Can I still use mascara?

Yes, you can still use mascara after doing our lash lift.

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