Hi babe, we are very excited you are going to try our product!

Pour yourself a wine and have some fun while laminating!

Important note before you start

If you have laminated your eyebrows less than 6 weeks ago you can NOT use our kit. You must wait at least 6 weeks to reapply the kit.

What we’d love for you to share

  • Personal discount code for your followers. (we will provide this)
  • Our key messages
  • Before & After results


Here are some ideas for your content, feel free to use them if you want.

Frame 1

  • Show: Outside of the box & hold it while talking. (Start this frame with your brows brushed into your old/natural position.)
  • Say: Tell your experience with the kit, the impact it had on your brows and how much time it saved you vs the salon.

Frame 2

  • Show: What’s inside the kit
  • Say: You get everything you need for 6 treatments & it’s the most gentle solution on the market.

Frame 3

  • Show: Brush up your brows from normal into laminated position.
  • Say: The results are exactly the same as at the salon but with this kit it’s just £6,50 per treatment while at the salon it’s around £60.

Frame 4

  • Show: Show Before & After picture
  • Add text to frame: One treatment lasts 6 weeks and each kit contains 6 treatments. And it’s super easy to do it yourself.

Frame 5

  • Show: Share promo code and link
  • Say: Invite your followers to take advantage of your great promo code to get the kit and that it’s only available for 24h.
  • Share: Promo code for 20% off

(Optional): Frame 6 - after 23 hours

  • Show: Video of box & inside box
  • Add text: Discount code is only valid for 1 more hour
  • (This will help to increase your revenue share)

reels ideas

Be creative babe, below are some examples of reels we love!

  • Mention @sassysaintsofficial & use #sassysaints in the caption
  • Make sure there is enough daylight (or ring light) and that the video is sharp.