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Get salon-grade laminated brows at a tenth of the salon price

  • like £8 per treatment vs £80 at the salon
  • like Keeps stubborn brows in place all day
  • like Approved by brow technician & A-list celebrity used
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Gave me exact same results as at the salon, saved me £70 and was so easy to do!

- Molly M.

Loved by 100.000+ Ladies

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The kit is so easy to use and honestly, gives you salon level brows. They literally look as good as when I get them done professionally.

- Gemma Y.

(Rated by 1000+ ladies like yourself)

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Save money & time on the salon, just £8 per treatment

Keeps stubborn brows in place all day, all of them

Softer & gentler ingredients than other kits

Results last 6 weeks per treatment

Save money & time on the salon

Just £8 per treatment

5/5 Based on 1000’s of ladies like yourself

The Sassy Saints DIY At-Home Brow Lamination Kit allows you to achieve salon worthy laminated brows without leaving the comfort of your own home, at just a tenth of the salon price!

Save yourself the hassle of booking a salon appointment and needing to free up time in your agenda to go there

With our kit you can finally achieve the salon quality laminated look with a quick & easy DIY session that suits your busy lifestyle.

5/5 Based on 1000’s of ladies like yourself
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how it works

3 simple steps to bangin brows


Stick It

Brush them in your desired shape and hold them in that new position.


Shape It

Relaxes your brows allowing them to be set in their new position.


Fix It

Secures your brows in their newly lifted position for up to 6 weeks

Keeps stubborn brows in place all day


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Our kit has it all

Soft & Gentle Ingredients

Works on all brows

Long lasting results

Extremely easy to use

Video & Written instructions

Brow technician approved

All in one kit

A-list celebrity used

Safe for sensitive skin

Highest rated kit on the market

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Salon-grade laminated brows at a tenth of the salon price

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Sassy Saints DIY at-home Brow Lamination Kit - Brow Technician Approved

(Rated by 1000+ ladies)


“very easy, didn’t take long to do, there beautiful & so is the packaging”

SAVE 50%

Sassy Saints DIY at-home Brow Lamination Kit - Brow Technician Approved

(Rated by 1000+ ladies)
2 Kits - 12 Treatments

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€160 €79

£6,50 per treatment

Amazing !!

“So easy to use and gave me salon vibe brows . 10/10 I will be back”

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I’ts super easy to use



99.3% of our 100k+ customers love our kit and say it’s very easy to use!

The kit comes with super easy to follow step-by-step video instructions that will guide you through the process by showing you EXACTLY what to do at each step of the treatment, it can’t get any easier.




here’s what they say

Loved by 100.000+ Ladies

Got a Q? We got then aswer

Do my brows stay in this exact position for 6 weeks?

No, it makes your brows super flexible allowing you to put them in any position you like, whether you like the soap brow effect or just want to make sure they're perfectly shaped, just brush them in the shape you want and they stay like that.

Does it damage your eyebrows?

The short answer: no.

The long answer: lamination uses similar chemical agents to soften the hair in your brows as hairdressers use for the hair on your scalp – something that’s been used and refined for over 100 years now. What’s different (and better) is that these agents have since been perfected for safe use on your beautiful brows. Namely, the ingredient concentrations are much lower and gentler.

In fancy lingo – the hair proteins have to be chemically opened and closed during lamination to make your hairs more flexy and easy to style. This is where the hair shaft will be very slightly damaged. But this is also why we’ve developed our ‘Boost It’ solution, which is jam-packed with ultra nourishing hair growth vitamins and essential oils. This will restore any minor damage done to your eyebrow hairs and leave them looking lusher and fuller than ever before. It will not, however, cure your Sunday morning hangover.

Your brow hair is also forever growing and being replaced with stronger, healthier hair. This is why we recommend a gap of at least four weeks between each at-home lamination session (no matter how addicted to beautiful brows you may be). This ensures your hair retains its lavish look 24/7.

How long do results last?

Each kit comes with 6 lush brow treatments, and each one allows you to enjoy the stunning laminated look for up to 6 weeks.

That means ONE Sassy Saints Brow Lamination Kit gives you SIX months of fuller and fluffier brows!

How long does the process take from start to finish?

The process takes 20-30 minutes dependingon the thickness of your brows.

We have step by step written & video instructions that are super easy to follow, check them out below.

View Written Instructions

The written instructions are included in our Sassy Newspaper on page 3


View Video Instructions

I’ve never done this before, can I do it?

If you can hold a cocktail, you can laminate your brows. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what babes like you say.


What's in the kit?


Each kit contains enough material for up to 6 uses, we made sure that everything you need is inside the kit so there's no need to purchase any extra material.

1x Stick it (Help set your brows in desired position)
1x Shape it (Breaks down the bonds in your hair)
1x Fix it (Rebonds the hair structure in the shape you want)
1x Clean it (Wipes away any excess serum)
1x Boost it (Nourishes and pampers the skin)
1x Plastic Wrap (to cover the brows)
18x Mascara Wand (for application)
18x Lipgloss Wand (for application)
15x Cotton Bud (for serum removal)
8x Cotton Pad (for serum removal)

How often should I laminate my brows?

The show-stopping effects of brow lamination last up to six weeks (depending on the thickness of your own beautiful brows). That being said, we recommend you don’t laminate them any more than every four weeks.

Does this work on my brows?

You know it! Our kits don’t discriminate – they work for all brow types.

Can I use it when I’ve microbladed my brows?

Yes babe, you can laminate your brows if you've microbladed/tattood your brows! It'll look darn good as well!

What is brow lamination?

Usually, Brow Lamination is a lavish salon indulgence that’ll cost you a kidney. Now? It’s a simple and affordable self-care session at home.

Like a perm, lamination works to redirect and set your brow hair into a sexy new shape, allowing you to enjoy the fullest and most feathery effects from your natural brow growth.

To extend this luxury to all beauties, we’ve created a special formula that makes this treatment easy and safe to do yourself at home. The ingredients we use are also gentle on your skin while still achieving the same lush, long-term results. It’s a win-win situation, babe.

Can I use it when I have big, stubborn brows?

Our Brow Lamination Kits were designed to empower babes around the world with beautiful brows, no matter their style or thickness. Effects will differ depending on your own unique brows, but rest assured, babe – we can guarantee you will notice a difference, regardless of how thin or thick your brows are.

5/5 Based on 1000’s of ladies just like you
Loved by 1000’s of UK babes. The Sassy Saints DIY At-Home Brow Lamination Kit will save you hundreds vs the salon while giving you the same laminated effect at the comfort of your own home.
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