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Hi Babe, we are very excited to start our collab.

We can’t wait to see the results! When you’re making content just make it fun, happy and Sassy (a little bit cheeky).

Pour yourself a wine and have some fun while laminating!

We’ve laid out the most important info here for you to use the kit to it’s max

Tutorial Video

Important notes before you start

  1. If you have laminated your eyebrows less than 6 weeks ago you can NOT use our kit. You must wait at least 6 weeks to reapply the kit.
  2. We want you to make the content you think is cool and fits you as a person, so be free in whatever you make. We do know that a little inspiration doesn’t hurt, so we’ve added some inspo below.

1. Talking points

  • Brow lamination gives you the fullest and most feathery effect from your natural brows
  • 1 session lasts 6 weeks and each kit contains 6 sessions, that’s full & fluffy brows for more than 6 months
  • With brow gel your brows fall down really quickly, with brow lamination they stay up all day.
  • Salon treatment costs you around £80 per session, with our kit you can do up to 6 sessions for £49.95, that's less than £7,99 per session.
  • Safest DIY at home Brow Lamination kit: we used softer ingredients but have the same results as in the salon
  • Super easy to do yourself, the Sassy Saints at-home, all-in-one kit comes with super clear instructions in the newspaper and a step-by-step easy to follow video tutorial

2. Content Ideas

  • DIY Tutorial
  • Before/After Results
  • Stories step by step guide
  • Complete YT tutorial

Youtube tutorial


Story Ideas


IG Reels / TikTok Ideas



Image Ideas (Sassy Saints Pose)


3. Technical Tips


  • Make sure there is enough daylight (or ring light)
  • Make sure the result is clearly visible
  • Refer to ‘caption/mention’ for some things you can incorporate into your caption.


  • Make sure there is enough daylight (or ring light)
  • Show box
  • Show them all steps
  • Film in 4K
  • Save your video with and without text

4. Send content

You can upload your content here

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