Hi babe, Jaz just about choked on an olive, Mia necked her rosé, Liv blared Beyonce's 'Run The World' through her phone and Molly burst out onto the patio squealing when I told them about our soon to be collab.

We can’t wait to see the results! When using our kit just make it fun, happy and Sassy (a little bit cheeky).

Pour yourself a wine and have some fun while laminating!

Cute boys are cool Hot brows are better


What’s in it for you?
  • Chance to become the face of Sassy Saints
  • Collab with big influencers (1M+ followers) on international campaigns
  • Be part of the UK Campaign
  • Get free Sassy Saints Products
What we’d like to get from you
  • 1 IG Post where you show the result or an IG reels where you apply the kit
  • 3 Story frames, in the first 2 you talk about the product and in the 3rd you show the before/after result
  • Send the content within 2 weeks of receiving the kit


Salon brow lamination usually costs £60+, with our kit it’s just £6,50 per treatment.

1 treatment lasts 6 weeks and each kit contains 6 treatments, so a kit gives you 6+ months of laminated brows.

I have no time in my busy schedule to visit the salon every 6 weeks so the Sassy Saints DIY Brow Lamination Kit is a lifesaver!

Same (or even better) results than at the salon because you know exactly how you want your brows to look like.

With 53 formula tests it’s the safest DIY Brow Lamination Kit on the market, they use the softest ingredients possible.

Super easy to do yourself, the kit comes with written instructions and step by step video instructions that are easy to follow

NOTE: The above talking points are purely as inspiration and guideline. You’re 100% free to give your own inspiration to the story.

If all sounds good, then go ahead and click the button below to claim your complimentary kit!

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Bangin’ brows await, hun


IG Post Examples





Content Quality
  • Make sure there is enough daylight (or ring light)
  • Make sure the result is clearly visible
  • Save your video with and without text
  • Show the box in the video
  • Make the video in 4K
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Bangin’ brows await, hun