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Based on 3467 reviews
I absolutely love this! So easy to use and lasts me 3 weeks minimum.

I have loved this. I find it so much easier than gels. Much quicker and less fuss. My first set lasted me nearly 4 weeks before I had to redo them.
Second time was so much easier and quicker to apply. I love it!


Ok so I wanted to leave a review till I’ve had it on for 2 weeks to see if it lives up to what they say! And I can definitely say my nails still look as good as the day I did them! I’m soo impressed, gel nails always lift on my nails and start to chip by now, it was easy to do and I know I’ll get better with practice. I’m a jeweller so my nails go through a lot but they look amazing! So impressed. Colour is darker than it looks on the website though, not as red, it’s Bordeaux babe.

So much lighter than the picture

Loving the products but this colour is a lot lighter and more of a light pink

Easy to use but bad for the nails.

Delivery was terrible it took almost two weeks things I ordered after the nails arrived within a few days. I thought as they were vegan they would be good for my nails as well but this sadly wasn’t the case. They split and were very thin after removing them.
However when they finally arrived they were Easy to use got fairly good results. The removal was terrible and didn’t work. The video tutorials however were very good.

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Alison Prestwood
Great product

I’m not a person who has manicures but was intrigued by this product. It hasn’t disappointed ! I’ve had 2 manicures since buying the set and been very impressed with the results. The first lasted nearly 3 weeks and I’m 10 days into my second set. The videos are very clear and I’m sure I’ll get quicker. I was a bit nervous using the first time but as long as you are careful and follow the instructions you are fine. Im not good at looking after my nails and always have my hands in water, either washing up, cleaning or even swimming but this product is really long lasting and has a great finish.

Fabulous product

I’ve only done my nails once so I do need some practice but the outcome was brilliant. I found taking it off a bit of a pain but you can’t have a good wearing finish and also easy to take off. I would recommend it but not for me to use as everyday. Be fantastic for holidays etc.

Lovely finish but removal process is not easy!

Lovely finish, easy application and they last for weeks. The only big flaw is the removal process. It’s messy and doesn’t really work - in the end I had to essentially file it off!!

At-home Nail Manicure Kit
Maxine Eddleston
I really like it. I enjoy the time to focus.

I would recommend it, although my friends prefer someone else to do their manicure. I love the results. Easy to take off if you follow the instructions.

FREE - Nail Remover
Adrianna Wypij-Marczak

FREE - Nail Remover

Good - better than liquid

I’m still fairly new to this but second set keeps popping off what am I doing wrong

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Amber Hernandez
Super glue

I was not impressed by the product. I was excited to receive my order and used it immediately. Upon application I realized it was primarily super glue. This was not what I expected and it messed up my nails. I won't be recommending this product.

Straightforward and awesome!

Practise makes perfect....but even on my first attempt it wasn't too shabby! Feeling positive to keep on going. Only problem now is which colour to choose next

So easy a cave woman could do it

I am not blessed to be able to pain my nails without causing chaos, however, this kit was super easy to use! The step by step instructions and videos made it simple to follow. My co workers thought I got them professionally done! Will be ordering again.

Easy to use

Instructions were easy to follow. Would recommend.

So promising!

I got my kit last week and have done one set of nails. It took 1.5 hours for my first set but they didn’t have any big bumps and my manicure has been on for 10 days now with no lifting, cracking, or chipping! Love how they look and can’t beat the price

Really good product

I have only applied the varnish one time .. it was pretty straightforward and looks lovely 2 weeks on.(picture is 2 weeks worth of growth) I realise that I probably don’t need the four layers as they look quite thick! I will try 3 next time. I haven’t taken them off yet so cannot comment on that process yet.
Really pleased so far.

One of my faves!

Lovely colour! Always get compliments and people asking what colour it is. I’ve recently done my mums nails in this colour and she loves it

Game changer..amazing!!

Loved using this system. Really easy and great results for my first go! I’m sure my technique will improve as went into a bit thick and lifted after a week but 3 weeks on and still pleased with results. Would 100% recommend to anyone.

Really good nail set, happy with my purchase

Love how easy it is and have recommended to everyone. They last a long time but sometimes chips as I work with children 😇

At-home Nail Manicure Kit
Xhesila Shabani

the best products

Lives up to the hype!

Fantastic kit! Even has a beginner I managed to get a fairly decent set. After a few attempts they’ll only look better. The kit is so pretty and the instructions are SO clear. I’m no girly girl but this will encourage me to take some time to make a bit of girl-effort! Currently trying to find time so I can use it to do my friend’s nails with it :)

Great product.

I love using this system. So easy and great results. Definitely recommend to everyone.

Easy to use even for a novice.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the items within the kit i.e. file and cuticle scraper thing and the overall packaging.
I’ve had my nails done a couple of times in salons and haven’t liked the outcome either time and nail varnish stays on my nails for about 30mins before peeling off so I was looking for something to suit my nails (and budget).
The instruction videos are very clear and easy to follow, even for a novice like me. The first application is a bit fiddly but now it’s much easier…. And, it’s pretty easy to remove too.
Everyone thought I’d had my nails done in a salon (even on the first attempt), which says a lot about the quality.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for salon quality nails at a fraction of the cost.

Great product

At-home Nail Manicure Kit
Michaela Groves
I love the ease of having wonderful nails

Definitely recommending to everyone