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Katie Slack
Beyond pleased with this magic 🪄😍

I am sooo pleased with the results of this kit. I’ve had my eyebrows laminated by a professional for a couple years now and honestly the results are just as good!
It’s so easy to do, I really think anyone could manage this.

My only 2 criticisms are, I wish the “lipgloss” applicators were silicone and reusable, as I am trying to be more conscious of waste.

I also wish there was an “add on” option to get the treatment/mask they recommend, potentially a future product for them as I feel hesitant with what to buy.

Overall I am so happy with this kit and I will continue to use.

Worth doing 👌

Got the brow lamination and lash lift kit. Did them both at the same time as well as a tint for my lashes too.
Pleasantly surprised as I've had a lash lift professionally done before with less noticeable results! So for the money it's great.
Glad the brows were a subtle change and didn't look ridiculous (I don't think!)

Pretty impressed

Arrived quickly. The trickiest bit of the process was getting the pad positioned right and then getting all the eyelashes stuck on. After that it was easy. You can see I didn't quite get all the eyelashes, but I think on my next attempt I will wait 30 secs after applying glue before trying to stick and that might help. I have light, straight eyelashes, fairly short, not that many, and no idea how thick so assume medium. I did a tint after the lift. Would have appreciated more info in the FAQs as to how, when, what order etc. to do the tint as the FAQs just recommend a tint product but don't explain how to combine eith the lift. I made sure i throroughly washed all lift product off, and then did tint prior to the last protect serum. First picture is before. Second is after lift, and third is after tint.
Even with my inexpert application I was really pleased with the result. Helps me look a bit more awake, but still quite a "natural" look. I waited a week before posting this review to check it does hold, I can confirm it's still the same after a week. Do one eye at a time. The whole process will take around half an hour to complete both eyes, so set aside some time. It's not instant / quick if you were expecting a 5-10 min job! I watched the video before attempting, and then again while doing it. I was using my phone. This is fine, but I would have found it helpful to have a written step by step guide, as jumping around the video is hard (e.g. jumping back and forth if you want to check things). Also, would like some tips on how to to keep track of which wands have been used for which steps, and which can be reused / which can only be used once! They all look the same and my memory is not good.

Kat Dawes
Oh my God this is awesome

I’ve never had a lash lift and I have sensitive eyes. I thought this would be madness but I’m so glad I gave it a go. Easy-ish to do, didn’t irritate much, and the results are great. For a first-time try I’m impressed.

I’ve been using UK Lash serum and it worked well but lashes were still straight! This lift is so good I look quite different. As part of a revenge glow-up I am super happy!!

Tiffany Dyer

Purchased the Brow Kit to try myself at home and WOW! It was so easy to use and do. In love with this kit. My brows turned out amazing! I was skeptical at first but I’m so glad I bought it! Xo

Definitely worth the purchase

I’m so happy I decided to purchase this kit. I’ve used several in the past but always found them tricky to use and my lashes are very straight so they didn’t work that well. Have been paying for professional false lashes for a long time and wanted a change. So glad I tried this kit as it is so much better than others I have tried. It’s so much easier with the sticky strips! And it works much better my lashes look amazing! As this kit has turned out so well I have also ordered the nail powder kit which should be delivered soon so I’m excited to try that also!

Like your own salon at home!

This is my first time using the kit and I am SO impressed. I did both my eyebrows and lashes and it’s like I’ve been to the salon! Super easy to follow instructions and the kit is really well labelled so you know exactly which step comes next.

Definitely a learning curve with my lashes as they’re harder to do than brows but I know next time they’ll come out even better.

1000% recommend!!

Alina Betambeau

Wow this kit works! My lashes are fairly long but do stick out flat, was considering getting my lashes done professionally then I saw this kit. Everything is labeled and packaged so beautifully and the instruction video is so easy to follow! So if you want to treat yourself and save time and money, get this kit!!

Georgina Etheridge

I have really long, thick lashes but they stick straight out and don’t curl. I spent a lot on lash lifts in the past as I was terrified to do it myself. Saw this pop up and thought I’d give it a go! The tutorial video is SO helpful and it’s ridiculously easy. Just saved me a fortune! Also the packaging is gorgeous

Veasna Kim
Amazing !

It is the first time using this product on my client , Amazing, it’s easy & it works very good ! Love it & thank you