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Nail kit

Really pleased with my purchase the nail kit is fabulous, it did take me about 2 hours to complete but I did file the 4 coats down a lot as I didn’t want them to look thick & im delighted with the results, they feel like acrylics & they have been on almost 2 weeks now with no chipping or damage,, they look lovely and shiny & I will be using this kit again & again !

Lash lift

From someone with practically invisible eyelashes without mascara, this lash lift has boosted my eyelashes brilliantly, very pleased customer thank you !

Another item that’s reduced in size but not in price

Love the sassy saints nail dip powders and liquids however recently bought a set for my mum as a gift after loving my set only to find everything in the set has shrunk in size including liquid bottles and dip powders but not the price or at least not by the amount less product you get in a set. This is ashame as the shallow powders make dips a lot harder and you get less manicures out of the set.


I am really impressed with this kit. I have used twice and nails last around 3 weeks no chips. Easy to apply. Won’t be going back to the salon anytime soon :)

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Miriam Van Nyvel
Amazing nails!

I recently purchased the nail kit and I have to say I love it already after my first trial. I feel like I have salon treated nails but for a huge price difference and I enjoyed spending the time to take care of myself and it made me feel so relaxed going through the steps to achieve salon looking nails. Great kit and product, thank you!

Worth every pound

Absolutely in love with the Sassy Saint Nail Kit! The quality of the tools is top-notch, making manicures at home a breeze. The variety of colors and designs is fantastic, allowing for endless creativity. The kit is a must-have for anyone looking to achieve salon-worthy nails from the comfort of their own home. Used it for the 1st time and it was the easiest thing. Highly recommend this 5-star product!

Didn’t work and wasn’t given much advice or a solution

Not happy

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Machaela Lawson
Really easy to do

I was apprehensive about this product as I have gotten at home nail kits before and found them difficult to use. This kit is amazing, the quality is great and my nails have not looked better. I’ve used the kit with nail extensions I bought from Amazon and it was so easy to do.

My eyebrows looked amazing, but unfortunately, they only lasted a week. It was too good to be true. I followed the instructions carefully, being very cautious with everything, but the effect didn't last. The weird thing is I could feel the product for the next two weeks, but while I tried to brush them and fix them, the shape was not the same. Even if the shape was fantastic, the price isn't worth it for only one week.

Fabulous kit!

What a fabulous kit! As someone who loves getting their nails done, but with the current economy can't justify the price of it, being able to have salon quality nails at home is great! It's so easy to use and can be done whilst watching a movie and drinking a glass of wine, nice little evening treat. Thank you for a wonderful product, can't wait to purchase more colours!

So happy

Best nail kit I've ever bought. Salon quality! I have horses so doing my own nails never lasted more than a few days. These last weeks. I only take them off due to nail growth. They make your natural nail really strong while still keeping them healthy. I have quite a bad tremor so I have always found doing my own nails very difficult but these are so easy to do. You can just file away any mistakes. They are really easy to take off too, just make sure you have plenty of acetone. (Photo is nails over a week after application)

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Giulia Ragazzon

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Maria Eleftheriadou

All the products are perfect!
It’s easy to make it. But isn’t easy for me to make it good!!
Especially the part with the skins I thought was easy but in the end not😂.
And if you don’t do this well, everything else doesn’t looks pretty!!

Great manicure 💅

Easy to follow, great results, long lasting, hard wearing, can’t wait to try more colours!

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Theresa Akehusrt

Very easy to use used it twice now definitely easier yhe second time. I would recommend having a nail drill if you do the 4 coats as required in the instructions.
I'm currently on week 2 only doing 2 coats no chips or cracks.

An almost perfect kit

Would prefer a bottle of 'number 5' in the kit so there is a start to finish kit. The removal method with the acetone was too complex for me. Additionally, the brush looked different in the ads than the revieved product - wish I could order the round one.
However that said, I have loved doing my nails and trying new things. I am allergic to gels so needed another long lasting alternative that didn't need a lamp and this has been amazing. I can't help buy buy more!

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Susan Chernowski
Not bad for first time

It's arrived and I couldn't wait to use this.
Followed the step by step instructions, which you do need time for this as it's not to rushed. As it was my first time a little did go on my skin and the application did cone out quite think, over time hopefully this I will get better.
Better go do this rest.

Lovely lashes

1st time doing them, it worked really well, I am on my 4th week now and they are not as lifted as at the beginning but still nice. Might be able to do them better next time and they might last longer too :)

At-Home Lash Lift Kit
Pamela Brooke
Far too difficult to use.

Dreadful. Would not recommend at all.

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Amanda Strickland

Love the nail system

Starry Sky Dipping Powder
Andrea Qualiano
Perfect nails for a long time

I love it! Super easy, perfectly clear instructions and my nails are perfect for so much longer! I used to have a shellac kit at home and after 3 days my nails were already chipped, with Sassy Saint I can go with perfect nails for at least two weeks, I’m so happy!!

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Ivonne Martinez
Review about shipping

It arrived before than expected... but the page gave me very delayed update about where my package was. It was delivered already 2 days ago and the page said it was at the airport of country of destination. I even suscriubecd to the email notifications to see when it was out for delivery... but no email arrived. Luckily I checked the local delivery service with my tracking number and said It was delivered 2 days ago.

It lasts!

It was super easy to do and the results lasted 2.5 weeks before I removed the polish- just because my nails were getting too long for my liking. No chips no cracks and felt like I had acrylics on. The only thing I’ve struggled with is removal although I got there in the end.

Brow & Lash Lift Bundle
Sharon Connolly

Really easy to use and happy with the results

Amazing product, no chipping and so quick love love love

It was so easy to do a quick, I would never back to gels.
I would recommend this product to everyone 💗