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Why have I been paying salon prices for so long when it's this easy to do my own!

I never buy beauty products online if I haven't tested it out before but thought it was worth a punt, gotta say I'm so pleased I went for it, - - Packaging is really luxurious and feels like a quality product.
Super easy to apply, also so glad that I could choose three colours as its already paid off when I wanted to wear something that would of clashed, I simply took of the gel and reapplied another colour.
I would 100% reccomend to anyone out there, it's really worth the money and I'm never going to pay to have my nails done in a salon again.

Erika Tuskeniene
Love it 🤩

I just wanted to say a big thank you, my nails never grew, they broke, they were very weak, and now it's been 2,5 week and my nails are growing without chipping, I'm very happy that I decided to buy nail products from you, I forgot to mention that my job is hard, I have to work with a drill, and it doesn't interfere for my nail to grow.

Hey Erika,

Rose here from Sassy Saints!

Thanks for the amazing review! We're thrilled our At-Home Nail Manicure Kit is helping your nails grow strong and fabulous. Your hard work doesn't stand a chance against your beautiful nails!

Feel free to share some nail photos with us. Keep rocking those stylish nails!

Stay Sassy and keep shining!


Kimberley Morgan
Just wow!

I really wanted to write a review in hope someone sees it and knows I’m a real person with a real purchase and real review. I buy things advertised on Facebook too much and I’m always so let down, but this time I’m finally happy. What an amazing purchase! My nails look amazing, granted they could be better but for a first try I am super happy. My four year old wanted hers doing so I did them with a few less layers and they went perfect but it can take some time doing your own. Now I just have to see how they fair as I only finished them an hour ago, I just really wanted to express my joy at this amazing product!! It was so straight forward and effortless, I never believed I’d get salon nails doing them myself and for the price - wow.

Hey there,

Rose here from Sassy Saints!

Wow! Your review has us beaming with joy! We're absolutely thrilled to hear that you had such an amazing experience with our product, and we couldn't be happier that you're finally feeling satisfied with your purchase. You're a real Sassy superstar!

Your nails look fantastic, and we're so glad we could deliver salon-quality results for you. It's incredible that even your little one's nails turned out perfect - talk about a nail artist in the making!

We totally get that doing your own nails can take a bit of time, but trust us, with a bit of practice, you'll be a pro in no time! We're confident that your fabulous nails will last beautifully.

Thanks for sharing your joy and for being part of our Sassy community. Keep slaying those nails, and remember, we're here for all your future fabulous nail adventures!

Stay Sassy!


Natascha Terris
Better than the salon!!

Just want to start off by saying, I usually don't write reviews, but I'm just so chuffed with this product! I decided to give nail stickers a go, as I was keen on trying at-home options instead of continually heading to the salon. Those stickers didn't even survive a day, let me tell you. My nails take quite a beating - I've got two kiddos under two, always doing dishes, cleaning up, and washing my hands what seems like a million times a day.

Heading to the salon was getting a bit too pricey and honestly, I couldn't spare the time anymore. I've always loved getting dip nails at the salon because they dry super quickly and are really sturdy. I was a bit unsure about this kit at first because usually when I do my own nails, they come out looking uneven or streaky. But with this powder, my nails ended up looking just as if I'd had them done professionally!

The first time I used this kit, it took about 30 minutes, but I'm sure I'll get faster with more practice. It's been 2 weeks now and no chips, discoloration, or snagging so far! I'm really pleased with this product and can't wait to try more colours. So happy I've found a way to get gorgeous, sturdy nails at home.

Hey Natascha,

Rose here from Sassy Saints!

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to share your experience! We're thrilled to hear that our Nail Manicure Kit has exceeded your expectations. It's amazing that you're getting salon-quality results at home, especially with a busy routine like yours!

Keep rocking those gorgeous nails!

Stay Sassy!


don’t fall for the fake reviews

yes the colours are nice, and the instructions are easily followable, but even when the nail kit was applied by a friend who is a professional and twice by myself, there were chips and cracks within a couple of days. Negative and enquiry comments are deleted off their socials too. There’s much better alternatives out there, don’t fall for the just the gorgeous packing and nail powder colours. Kit has been returned after standard, (and a bit patronising) customer service.

Jessica Day

First attempt, loved the result! First time a bit time consuming but confident next time I’ll be quicker! Mine has been on for nearly 2 weeks and no chipping or lifting

Michelle Stuart
Which colour to choose

Used my first Sassy Saints Manicure Kit at weekend. Couldn't decide which colour to go for.... so used them all.
Not too bad for first go 🥰

Geneva Cooke
life changing!

I received my manicure kit two hours ago, I managed to complete all steps in 55mins which I’m impressed with and my nails have a salon quality finish. The fact that there is no HEMA in the ingredients means I also won’t flare up with a reaction. I couldn’t wish for more!!

Iti Saxena
Loving it

I have just applied my second color. The first lasted over two weeks and i needed a change of color. It till a lot less time the second time and i am loving the results. It's been almost a week with this one as well

Worth the money and the time

Amazing product! It takes a while to find your own way of doing but when you do the results are great. The only criticism is that the top coat is very similar to nail glue so be very careful otherwise you will stick to things you don't want to if it isn't 100% dry and also it does run out quickly. Also the lids to the bottles can become very hard to open.
Really generous amount of powder in the dipping pots, so excellent value for money.

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