At-Home Lash Lift Kit
Curled, long, full lashes for 8 weeks
with 1 easy application
6 Treatments 2x Longer Results Formula
£60 £48
£8.0 Per Treatment
lorry fast and free worldwide delivery
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“We want to help women save money & time on the salon while still achieving salon-quality results!” Rose & Roza (best friends & founders)
Up to 8 weeks of salon-quality results
£8 with us vs £80 at the salon
Works on all brow & lash types
As easy as applying mascara
Water & Mascara Friendly
One kit lasts up to 1 year
No Skills Needed
& Beginner Friendly
As easy as applying mascara
Beginner friendly video instructions
Easy & safe 3 step process
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10 mins later
EASY pad application with skin friendly double sided tape
No Damage, Buttery Soft, Nourishing Formula
What we keep out
to protect your brows
No Silicones
No Phthalates
No Parabens
No Gluten
No GMO’s
What we put in
Superfood to strengthen & protect your brows
Soften & Nourish Honey
Great for brow hydration
Soothes skin under brows
Boosts brow luster and shine
Smooth & Repair Grape Oil
Rich in antioxidants for brows
Repairs brow hairs
Provides lightweight hydration
Invigorate & Balance Orange Oil
Uplifting scent invigorates senses
Balances natural skin oils
Fight inflammation beneath brows
Cleanse & Brighten Lemon Oil
Removes brow dirt and oils
Natural brightener for brow hairs
Astringent properties tone skin
Condition & Strengthen Avocado Oil
Contains nourishing fatty acids
Conditions for stronger brows
Supports healthy brow growth
Hydrate & Tone Peach Oil
Rich in vitamins for brow health
Tones skin beneath brows
Moisturizes without greasiness
​Works Or Moneyback Guarantee You can test the kit risk free for 3 treatments. If you don't get the full & fluffy laminated brows of your dreams or they don't last, you'll get a FULL refund. Learn more
Get Salon Nails Or Get Your Money Back Our nail kit has already delivered salon worthy nails to over 100,000 ladies,
if they can do it, you can do it too. Because doing your nails is a new skill some ladies don’t get it right on the 1st try, but don’t be discouraged, 99% of our customers get salon-worthy nails after 3 tries. This is why you can test our kit for 3 manicures. If you don’t get salon-worthy nails
after 3 tries, you’ll be eligible for a FULL refund. Learn more
Instant Results That
Last 8 Weeks Wake up to maintenance-free, full, natural-looking laminated brows every day for 8 weeks with just one simple application.
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Here's What Ladies Just Like Yourself Say About Our Kit

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Yes you definitely can use a tint while using our kit. We recommend using the Refectocil Pure Black No. 1 as a tint together with our kit.

You can get it >>HERE<< if you're in the UK.


Each kit comes with 6 lush brow treatments, and each one allows you to enjoy the stunning curled lashes for up to 6-8 weeks.

That means ONE Sassy Saints Lash Lift Kit gives you 9-12 months of fuller and curlier lashes!

Sorry, water and steam are off-limits for the first 24 hours after your lash lift.

You gotta give those lashes some time to settle in before you can jump back into your mermaid ways.

Absolutely, gorgeous! We love a good mascara moment.

Just wait 24 hours after your lash lift.

Yes, honey! Our lash lift kit can handle all lash types, including naturally curly lashes.

But keep in mind that the results may differ depending on your natural curl. Let's see what kind of magic we can create!

It's not recommended to use an eyelash curler after getting a lash lift as it can damage your lashes.

Trust us, you won't even need a curler after the lash lift!

Absolutely, darling! Our lash lift kit works wonders on all lash lengths.

It's time to give those shorties the lift they deserve.

When you order the Sassy Saints Lash Lift Kit you get everything you need for 6 treatments.

1. The Sassy Saints Box (obviously)
2. The 5 bottles to do the treatment 1. Stick it
 2. Shape it 3. Fix it 4. Clean it 5. Boost it
3. Toolbox with all the tools you need for 6 treatments • 30x Lipgloss Wand • 10x Mascara Wand • 10x Lift Pads • 2x Y-Brushes • Ix Sticky Tape • 1x Plastic Film
4. Sassy Saints Newspaper with sassy horoscopes, Amber Davies who spills the tea, the best places to go out in the UK & much more!
5. Our beginner friendly video instruction guide that will help you through the process step-by-step.

Well, well, well, it seems like you've been living under a rock, sweetie.

A lash lift is a cosmetic treatment that aims to enhance the appearance of your natural eyelashes.

It involves applying a specialised solution to your lashes, which helps to curl and lift them for 8 weeks from the base, giving them a more lifted and open look.

Unfortunately, a lash lift isn’t permanent, babe, so yours will be au naturel again in up to six weeks. That just means it's time for another session.

Luckily there's 6 DIY sessions in 1 kit!

Don't you worry your pretty little head about it, gorgeous.

Our lash lift kit uses a simple three-step process that will transform your lashes from drab to fab in no time.

First, you apply the Shape It solution.

And lastly, you nourish those lovelies with the Boost It. Voila! Lash perfection.

You know it! Our kits don’t discriminate – they work for all lash types.

Short or long, thick or thin, straight or curly, all of them!

Safety is our middle name, honey.

Our lash lift kit is made with only the finest ingredients, so you can bat those lashes with confidence.

Just follow the instructions carefully, and you'll be good to go.

Your lashes will be looking fierce for 6-8 weeks, my dear.

But let's be real, you'll be hooked on this lash lift life in no time.

Honey, we're all about inclusivity here.

Our lash lift kit is suitable for all eye types, including those with sensitive eyes.

However, don't forget to do a patch test 24 hours prior to application to ensure the best results.

We advice to not use our treatment when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

We have 5-9 day worldwide shipping!

Xmas cutoff date is December 9th.

Here's how it works:

Treatment 1:

(98% success rate)

Simply follow our super easy-peasy video instructions.

Treatment 2:

(If Treatment 1 doesn't work)

Our salon tech will reach out on WhatsApp to help you pinpoint what went wrong and how to do it right next time. 

Treatment 3:

(this almost never happens, boo)

If you still didn’t get the results, we'll hop on a free of charge 1-on-1 video call to guide you step by step. 

Get the salon results of your dreams, or get your cash back. Easy-peasy, pumpkin.

The average salon brow lamination treatment costs £80 and with our DIY kit it’s just £8. 

If you’d laminate your brows every 6 weeks that’d be around 9 times per year which means you’d save 9 times £72 which is £648 per year! 

Imagine what you can do with all that extra money

There's 6 treatments in a kit and each treatment lasts around 6-8 weeks, so you'll need to repurchase a kit after around 9-12 months

Absolutely not, gorgeous. We recommend avoiding eye makeup for the first 24 hours after your lash lift to ensure the best results.

Give those lashes some time to shine on their own.

Our kit comes with beginner friendly video instructions that anyone can do.

Just 3 simple steps and 10 minutes of your time to achieve perfectly curled lashes.

Yes, darling! You can get a lash lift even if you've had eyelash extensions in the past.

Just make sure to wait until your natural lashes have grown out fully.

Yes, darling! You can wear eyeliner after getting a lash lift. Just make sure to avoid the lash line area for the first 24 hours.

We love our furry friends and have not (and never will) conduct animal testing to validate the safety of our products and ingredients. 

Before we made our Brow Lamination Kit available to beauties like you, we had it extensively tested to ensure it’s 100% safe (and none of that testing was done on fur babies). 

We can’t promise it won’t make your friends insanely jealous though. Or that boyfriends’ brows weren’t harmed in the making of our Brow Kits...

Our lash lift kit is safe for most people, but we recommend doing a patch test if you have any allergies to ensure the best results.

Yes, you can still use your normal skincare products after getting a lash lift.

Just make sure to avoid the eye area for the first 24 hours.

Yes, beautiful! Our lash lift kit is suitable for all skin types, including oily skin.

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