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DIY At-Home Brow Lamination Kit

824,00 kr 545,00 kr

Salon results now, Pay later

  • 20 uses per color
  • 3+ weeks without chipping
  • Easy to apply & dries fast
  • No UV lamp needed
  • 2x filtered pigment colors

fast & free 1-2 day delivery

order in the next 5 mins and get a FREE color
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Customer Reviews

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Genuinely really easy to use

I'm not a big one for writing reviews of things, but I am so impressed with this product I felt like I had to share my experience.
I am the worst person at putting on nail varnish - I always get it everywhere and manage to get thumb prints without moving! I love having my nails done professionally, but very rarely do due to the cost so when I saw an advert for this powder I thought I'd take advantage of the money back guarantee and give it a go to see if it was as easy as it claimed to be.
I have to say that my second attempt was better than my first, but even my first go was quite impressive. The instructions are super easy to follow and my nails look like I've had them done professionally. I've even had lots of compliments about them. Not only that they are really durable and chip proof.
If you're wavering at all about trying this then I would say give it a go. I can't stress enough that if I can do it, anyone can.