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Alison Skipper
I was so nervous to use this kit but so glad I did!

In the process of buying a house and have been looking for various ways to save money here and there. My trip to the salon for eyebrow lamination costs me a cool £65 every 6 weeks, pretty criminal in this economy. I thought this kind of treatment was reserved for the super talented beauty folk but I DID IT! SO EASY. The instructions are very easy to follow, but you MUST follow them. I tint my eyebrows a few days after laminating with Just For Men beard and moustache dye and honestly, there's not much difference between my way and the salon way. I'll probs visit the salon a few times in the year for a simple thread session just to tidy the brows up properly. What a saving. I really want to try the nail dip kit next when I've got some more pennies. Thank SS, very happy customer!

Gabriella alfonso
Best thing I’ve ever bought!!

This is absolutely amazing, I have no words to describe how good this product is, my eyebrows are so stubborn that no makeup product will shape them or keep them in place whatsoever. After I tried this I was absolutely amazed with the results as you can see from the picture before and the video after.
Girls I couldn’t recommend this enough, hurry and buy this don’t even hesitate!!!

Hey Gabriella,

Rose here from Sassy Saints!

Your review made our day! We're so glad our At-Home Brow Lamination Kit worked wonders for your stubborn brows. Your transformation is truly impressive!

Thanks for spreading the love and recommending us. Keep enjoying those fabulous brows!

Stay Sassy and keep shining!


Can't wait to use!

Yet to actually use it because of work, but the packaging is amazing, the colours look amazing and I'm so impressed already. Please make a storage box for more dipping pots as I definitely plan on adding to my collection 🤩

Aleisha W
I couldn’t be happier with my results!!

I was quite unsure about these kits at first, seen it advertised all over social media & with prices increasing, I finally gave in and brought it. I purchased the lash & brow kits. The instructions were super easy to follow and I’m in love with the results, they look just how they would if I went to a salon & paid a fortune every month or so! I really enjoyed the process too, I’m already looking forward to doing it again once it drops after about 6 weeks! I took before and after photos and the transformation is amazing! My brows were so uneven and now my face looks more symmetrical and feel ready to start my day with lifted lashes every morning! 🥰☺️ can’t wait to try the nails kit next! 👀

Emily L
Love the product!

Love it! I’m gradually growing my eyebrow hairs also with a serum and this product is giving me my eyebrow shape back after losing so many eyebrow hairs post partum

Don’t think it’s for me

Followed instructions to a t! Great result…on 1st application - then, after ca. 4 weeks….half my right brow fell out! Now desperately hoping to regrow….now I don’t dare to have another go. So wanted it to work… but wasted my money

Amanda Cation
So glad I bought

I am so glad I bought this kit, was so easy to use, was so quick and the results are better than I was getting paying £30 at a salon. My brows look brilliant, could not be happier

Kirsten Dunsmore
Amazing product

Simple to use and great results

Natasha B.
Super easy to use and great results %3A%29

Me and my bestie both tried this together whilst having a girls night. We are both obsessed and can’t believe how easy it was%21 Highly recommend%21

Michelle Mcgregor
Good product

Pretty easy to apply even the first time. I would recommend to people that already have a lot of eyebrow hair. Not very noticeable on fair and thin hair.