Refund Policy

3 Manicure Risk-Free Trial

Get salon nails or Get Your Money Back. Our nail kit has already delivered salon worthy nails to over 100,000 ladies, if they can do it, you can do it too.

Because doing your nails is a new skill some ladies don’t get it right on the 1st try, but don't be discouraged, 99% of our customers get salon-worthy nails after 3 tries.

This is why you can test our kit for 3 manicures. If you don’t get salon-worthy nails after 3 tries, you’ll be eligible for a full refund.


Setting the expectations right

Practice makes perfect and you can't expect to get the same results at your first try as a nail artist that already does it for 15 years and did over 10.000 ladies their nails.

This is how it goes for most customers:

  • 1st time (1-2 hours) - Takes the longest & results might not look as perfect as you want.
  • 2nd time (45 min-1 hour) - Already much faster & results look much better!
  • 3rd time (20-30min) - You can do it while Netflixing and the results are nail artist worthy!

Need help? Contact our nail technician for guidance >>HERE<<


How Do I Claim?

If you have used our nail kit as recommended for 3 manicures, you are eligible for our Result Guarantee! 

Simply follow these 4 steps to qualify for a refund:

 1. 1st manicure
- Take a photo of your nails after your 1st application with a time stamp.
- Send it to customer support via email ( so they can give tips & trick

 2. 2nd manicure
- Take a photo of the same hand with a new set after your 2nd application with a time stamp
- Send picture to customer support & they will schedule a call with the nail technician to do the manicure together via a video call

3. 3rd manicure
- Do the manicure together with the nail technician.
- Take a photo of the same hand with a new set after your 3rd application with a time stamp

4. If you’re still not happy with the results, you’ll get a FULL refund.

When am I not eligible for a refund? See >>HERE<<