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Based on 3297 reviews
Great result first time

Easy to follow instructions with a great salon finish result

Needs practice

Easier than I expected. However I have a flat nail bed so it did need a lot of filing and next time I do it I will not have as many layers on the tip of the nail. Also was missing the remover so it was a nightmare to remove.

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Caroline Thompson
Awful - been trying to get someone to respond to me for refund

Absolutely NOT

Unfortunately I didn't like it

I was really hoping I could finally stop doing regular gel nails as I don't like the fact I have to use a UV lamp. However this kit was not the solution. It took double as long to apply the powder as you have to do so many steps! I also find that the different products you have to apply smell terrible, to the point that I was forced to wear a face mask as I started feeling sick from breathing the polishes. After almost 3 hours, my left hand came out ok, but my right hand was a mess. The TOP IT solution didn't dry and it formed some horrible "wrinkles" on my nails which I could not get rid of. I tried to add a new layer of TOP IT to to smoothen it out, but it only made it worse. Throughout the week I also found that the polish would pull on my nails. It lasted about 2 weeks and then a few nails started cracking and entire pieces broke off. Removing it was also quite a lengthy and annoying operation, with the whole rice thing. I really wanted this to work and to be a solution to have long lasting manicures without a UV lamp, but unfortunately the quality and ease of application is not comparable to regular gel manis. Such a shame as I spent a lot to buy the kit with 4 different colors and now I won't use them :(

Practice makes perfect

Easy to do, need more practice though

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Elizabeth Guichard

I’m very impressed after first try, 2 weeks later….

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Maria Andrea Gonzalez

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit

UV-Free Nail Manicure Kit

Stunning Nail kit that’s worth every penny

Normal nail polish would smudge or crack within 12 hrs of me applying, salons cost so much and they use horrible uv gels that I dnt like which always made my nails not feel right. With Sassy Saints I get a pamper session in the comfort of my home, my nails are gorgeous using Sassy Saints, it’s so relaxing to do, super easy to apply and remove and for a fraction of the cost that salons cost. They last so well too, through running around after a 4yr old, looking after the home, playing with the dog, swimming and rock climbing, my nails are still as perfect as they were on day 1 of application. I honestly could not fault Sassy Saints and I would highly recommend this company to everyone.

So impressed!

This is my first attempt at the manicure and I’m really impressed. Absolutely love how natural they look and they’re not clumpy at all. Followed each step carefully and I think it paid off ☺️ 100% going to try with tips next time. Would definitely recommend buying this.

Really easy to use and fab colours

First time was a bit bumpy finished result, 2nd time better and I’m sure the next will be better again!

Looks really impressive, presentation is amazing.

I have not tried the kit yet, I’m hoping to give it a go next week, when I have a bit more time. I am a little anxious about trying it, having seen some of the pictures. I will definitely give it a try soon.

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Catlin Jaldegren
So easy!!

The nails last so long! And the steps was so easy to follow. Love it!!

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Isabelle Guillemot barbour
Great product, easy to use

Great overall

Fabulous product, love it and recommending it to all my friends!

Great quality, easy to follow instructions, beautiful colours! I’m a fan! X


Colour is so pretty


I’ve been doing my nails with gel for over 10 years but ever since I had my babies it was hard to find time to do them. This kit has everything you need to do your nails in about 40 minutes and they last forever! I usually remove them because of growth and they’re still decent. Highly recommend it!

Great quality and lasts just as long if not longer than the salon!

I love everything about this kit! The only thing is that the colors I chose are not quite as they appeared online. For example, the grey is mauve color I was hoping to be exactly that but it came out straight grey. The deep plumish mauve came out what I expected the grayish mauve to be. I’ll just remember to select colors a bit better when I buy again. And yes I’ll be buying more! Getting them off was much harder than I expected. So letting them fall off or peal off is much easier. This experience is great and I love the savings I get from it vs going to the salon every couple weeks.

Nail & Lash Bundle
Anisha Pipkin
Both fab.

I have to say I am obsessed with the results of the manicure and was way better by try 2. However, it does take a lot longer than it says (and I’m pretty competent at painting nails) and I found the removal didn’t work very well. Ended up filing the last bits off (and not well).

Lash lift amazing results first try. Fiddly but doable - results only lasted a couple of weeks though.

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Paulette Ferguson
So impressed with this system!

This was my first time using the dip powder method and honestly, I was totally blown away with the results! Absolutely love Sassy Saints' products and so glad I chose them for my maiden voyage. I will definitely recommend to my mates x


Best at home nail kit I have ever bought. My own nails are stronger. It’s easy to use and looks amazing.

So easy to use

Used the sassy saints nail kit for first time today and was pleasantly surprised and how easy it was to use and the end result is great.

No chips for 2.5 weeks but leaves nails very weak.

Quite thick when fully applied because you need so many coats, but the shine stays for 2.5 weeks and I actually had no chips!
At first I was a bit sceptical as the removal process looked like it would be a faff but having taken them off yesterday it could have been a lot more complicated. The process left my very nails weak.
4 stars because you have to have to file down your nail so much and it’s so hard to not buff the skin around the nail which is quite uncomfortable.

It was a fun experience to do with friends !

It definitely take few practice to make it long lasting but it is a really good experience and way to have my nails done without going under UV lamp etc. since im highly sensitive to UV

Love love love them but find it difficult to remove.

I found it easier than I expected, to apply. And each time, I get slightly better. I just find the removal really tricky and then my nails are super soft after being in acetone and having filed them so much. I’ve left the last set off for a week before thinking about applying again due to this. That’s the only thing that puts me off. I love the colours, the application process (I find it really relaxing) and the feel and strength when they’re on. They really do feel like I’ve been to have them done in the salon.