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Pure quality and service to match!

I love my new nails! They are so easy to do myself and I have been asked where I go to get my nails done! The service has been outstanding and I am a customer for life!

Really easy to apply and saves so much time, salon look finish!

I have had a number of nails break after just one week! So not sure if I'm applying it wrong, that is the only down fall but have only used the lot once so hoping it will last longer next time!

Salon results at home

I’ve been getting my brows laminated on and off for over two years but never really keep up with them because of price. This solves all of my problems! Salon quality for fraction of a price and I don’t have to leave my bedroom. The instructions were easy to follow, products arrived quickly and results are great! Also extra points for packaging, it’s quality! Love this and can’t wait to try the lash lift.

Pretty impressed

Arrived quickly. The trickiest bit of the process was getting the pad positioned right and then getting all the eyelashes stuck on. After that it was easy. You can see I didn't quite get all the eyelashes, but I think on my next attempt I will wait 30 secs after applying glue before trying to stick and that might help. I have light, straight eyelashes, fairly short, not that many, and no idea how thick so assume medium. I did a tint after the lift. Would have appreciated more info in the FAQs as to how, when, what order etc. to do the tint as the FAQs just recommend a tint product but don't explain how to combine eith the lift. I made sure i throroughly washed all lift product off, and then did tint prior to the last protect serum. First picture is before. Second is after lift, and third is after tint.
Even with my inexpert application I was really pleased with the result. Helps me look a bit more awake, but still quite a "natural" look. I waited a week before posting this review to check it does hold, I can confirm it's still the same after a week. Do one eye at a time. The whole process will take around half an hour to complete both eyes, so set aside some time. It's not instant / quick if you were expecting a 5-10 min job! I watched the video before attempting, and then again while doing it. I was using my phone. This is fine, but I would have found it helpful to have a written step by step guide, as jumping around the video is hard (e.g. jumping back and forth if you want to check things). Also, would like some tips on how to to keep track of which wands have been used for which steps, and which can be reused / which can only be used once! They all look the same and my memory is not good.

Beautiful colour

Great experience, had an issue with original order which was resolved quickly by customer service. This is a lovely colour & will complement others in my collection. Love this manicure system!

At-Home Lash Lift Kit
Kichelle Theobalds

Overall experience was good! My lashes definitely are lifted and I love the results. The application process was abit difficult but got there in the end. Love love the results.

Oh my God this is awesome

I’ve never had a lash lift and I have sensitive eyes. I thought this would be madness but I’m so glad I gave it a go. Easy-ish to do, didn’t irritate much, and the results are great. For a first-time try I’m impressed.

I’ve been using UK Lash serum and it worked well but lashes were still straight! This lift is so good I look quite different. As part of a revenge glow-up I am super happy!!

Great, will take some practise

Foolishly I did this in the 30 degree heat and the double sided tape gave up on me and slid right off mid lift!!!!…however, it was so hot and I was sweaty trying to focus on what to do, as well as feeling time pressure as my little one was having her nap plus had to receive a delivery all just meant that one side is more lifted than the other, but was defo good to take a before and after pic as I couldn’t see too much different until I looked at the pic! Equally, my lashes defo need tinting to see the full benefit of this. I gave it four stars because, while I agree with saving the planet and avoiding paper/ I wish there were some back up step by step instructions - or at least a written list of how many of each thing was needed without needing the video…otherwise, can’t wait to try again!


Really easy step by step instructions and even some inspiration ✨


Easy to use the nail set and no danger of the polish coming off. I hope the removal process will prove just as good.

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Khadeen O'Donnell
I really liked it!!

Been using the Glamrdrip and this is just as good. Would love to have instructions that you can just read though, rather than watch the video

Great results and easy to use.

I found the kit easy to use and the result were impressive first time. 4 weeks in though a few brow hairs are starting to droop so I know I won’t get 6-8 weeks out of the lamination. I’d still definitely recommend as after being a late 90s teen I’ve spent forever trying to get my brows to look this full!

Just Superb!

Been using the brow lamination for a while now, first time using the Lash lift. Unbelievable results, super easy to use either with a friend or by yourself. Excellent value for money, really you can't go wrong. Go on, treat yourself, you won't be disappointed.

At-Home Nail Manicure Kit
Supichaya Narongchartsopon
Its amazing, better than normal gel polish

Everything was easy to follow and it made doing proper nails at home so easy and I love the results! One main issue I have, though, is the Activate It polish, where the liquid hardens onto the brush very quickly, making it very hard to apply this to all fingers. I have had to throw away one brush and use the spare one, and even that I think the brush is ruined (keep in mind this is only one time I used this/did my nails using sassy saints). Otherwise I love everything else!

Lovely finish and easy to apply

Does the job

Applying the guards is pretty tricky. I think an xs guard would be beneficial. All in all it was a pretty simple procedure

Ultimate Salon Bundle
Kerri Dalziel
Love, love, love it!❤️❤️

The whole process for a first time was very easy, although practice will make perfect. I have never been so obsessed with my eyebrows after over plucking them in the 90’s. I did get some of the solution in my eye when I was doing my lash lift which was quite sore but it’s a lesson learned for next time! The nail kit is very easy to use and after I’ve done it a few times I’m sure it’ll look almost professional. It lasted for weeks which was great and I ordered more colours within a few days


The kit is amazing, great instructions easy to use and quality products and packaging. Brilliant results! Love this!

Super easy to use and long lasting

Absolutely love this ! Great price, saving so much money not going to the nail salon. Super easy to use have recommended this to so many people now, great variety of colours.

At-Home Lash Lift Kit
Marissa Christie
More affordable

It was very easy to use and much more affordable.
It was my first time so not sure if I had done it right as I thought they would be more curled.
Would highly recommend


Brought the brow and lash bundle. Lashes lift kit worked amazingly. However, my eyebrows lost the shape the next day despite not getting them wait. I plan to test it with a longer wait time then advised and see if that helps hold them. But over all it certainly works out cheaper than going to a salon and it’s nice they include additional bits like the cling firm and sticky tabe. Those I found really helpful.


Purchased the Brow Kit to try myself at home and WOW! It was so easy to use and do. In love with this kit. My brows turned out amazing! I was skeptical at first but I’m so glad I bought it! Xo

Great kit, easy to use, professional results, happy with purchase

These kits are amazing!

My lashes look amazing! I will never go back now. And easy to do even for me as someone that isn’t the best with makeup and beauty. Unbelievable value too! Highly recommend!

Straight forward and good results

Quite straight forward overall, looks good and would recommend. I’m presuming it lasts a month before you have to re do, I can’t remember? Hopefully they will last