When not eligible for a refund

When are you not eligible for a refund

  • No Photos Provided for Each Application: If photos are not provided for each application as per our guidelines, the refund policy is not applicable.
  • Absence of Timestamps on Photos: Photos without timestamps may result in ineligibility for a refund.
  • Same Photos Provided: Providing the same photos for multiple applications void the refund eligibility.
  • Photos from Different Hand with No Color Variation: If photos from a different hand lack color variation or authenticity, the refund may not be granted.
  • Photos Not from Actual Customers: Photos not from actual customers may render the refund request invalid.
  • Unwillingness to Engage in a Call with the Technician: Refunds may not be processed if you are not willing to engage in a call with our technician.
  • 3 Treatment Risk-Free Trial Not Completed within 60 Days: If the 3 treatment risk-free trial is not completed within 60 days after the order has arrived, the refund request invalid.
  • Returns: If you choose to return one or more products, the return cost will be at your expense and are not refundable.
  • Non-Compliance with Return Policy: Failure to comply with the return policy, such as not providing proof of purchase or returning items beyond the specified time frame, may result in ineligibility for a refund.