Nails dip powder
instruction video

Step 4 - Clean It

The 'Clean It' solution is designed to remove undesired stains and remnants from the liquid brushes used in steps 1, 2, and 3, which could potentially cause hardening.

To utilize it effectively, substitute the brushes from the corresponding liquid with the 'Clean It' brush. Let the brush steep for a minimum of one hour, though letting it soak overnight is recommended.

Once the soaking period is over, simply return the brush to its original bottle.For instance, if you start the process with Bottle 1, let them sit for an hour and then exchange the brushes back, then follow the same procedure with Bottle 2.

Step 5 - Remove it

This step is to remove the nail dip from your nails.

First, begin by gently removing the top layer of the nail polish using the rough side of a nail file. This will create a porous surface which will allow the nail polish remover to penetrate more effectively. Next, generously apply a coat of step 5 ‘remove it’ to your nails. It is crucial to leave the remover on for approximately 20 minutes to ensure that it has ample time to break down the polish.

During these 20 minutes, it's recommended to apply additional coats of remover intermittently. This can help to further soften the nail polish, especially if it is particularly thick or stubborn.

After the 20-minute period has elapsed, take a cuticle pusher and gently scrape off the nail polish. Be sure to do this carefully in order to avoid damaging the nail bed. If you find that the polish is not coming off easily, you can apply a little more remover and give it some additional time to work before trying again with the cuticle pusher.