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Nail Manicure Kit Instructions

The video below shows you step by step how to apply the nail dipping powder to your nails. 



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  • Take your time between each step to achieve the best result.
  • Apply only a thin layer of liquids at a time to prevent unwanted distortion or thickening.
  • Gently brush away excess powder after each application.
  • Be careful with the cuticles to avoid air bubbles under the layers.
  • Ensure to paint one nail at a time and immediately dip it into the powder before moving on to the next finger.
  • Apply sufficient Activator Coat for optimal powder adhesion and to prevent air bubbles from forming at the edges. Don't forget the tip and edges of the nail.
  • Adhere to the indicated waiting times between activator - file - top coat.
  • Avoid using lotions before application, as the greasy surface of the nails reduces adhesion.


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